Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It could be worse... right?

Baby girl doesn't cry much; only when she's hungry or tired. Yesterday she was both hungry and tired... and we were in the car. Madison kept trying to put her paci in her mouth but she wasn't having it. So at a stoplight I got out her bottle, mixed the powder and started shaking it.

Over the shrill shrieking, Madison said: "Hurry up, Mom, before she pushes me over the edge!!"


I got the bottle to her, it went into baby girl's mouth, and Madison said: "Wow. She was really screaming bloody murder, huh Mom?"

Where does she get this material?


April said...

That is so funny!

Our Maddie is quite the comedian.

fullheartandhands mama said...

That really made me laugh!

Sarah W. said...

So I am thinking that Monday is the big two week mark, is that right? I am praying, friend!

And Madison is hilarious!! A little girl being pushed over the edge LOL!!!