Friday, September 5, 2008

baby girl's name

I got an email about the baby's name that I could be heard saying in the video on my last post. I've actually been asked this many times before so I thought I'd explain.

I haven't posted her full name because I don't want a specific guy to Go*gle her and find out details about us, but her name is C o r a l a i n e. Clearly in reality there are no spaces in her name. It is pronounced Cora-lane, emphasis on the 2nd syllable.

When we found out we were likely getting a girl, we had no girl names we could agree upon. Tuck was attached to the name Cora (have you seen Last of the Mohicans? one of his FAVs). While I love the name, we know several Cora's and I wanted something unique like our names this time (poor Madison). Plus I fell in love with the name Delainey; I thought we could call her Lainey.

One night (actually Feb 8... I know, it's scary), we were chatting when Tuck asked "what still needs to be done before Cora comes home?" I told him that we still needed to find a changing table for "Lainey." Rolling his eyes, Tuck reminded me that we'd discussed using one of my grandma's old dressers from my folks' basement for "Cora."

Silence. Then I suggested maybe we should name her Lainey Cora. I think I actually heard Tuck's eyes rolling that time. So I said, "you'd probably prefer Cora Lainey."

Picture both of us looking at each other as if saying, "Hey, that's not bad!" We both kept repeating Cora... laine... Cora....laine.... Cora...laine.

It was settled. As it turns out, her name is as unique as she is.

PS -- Although Madison's name isn't unique, I'm quite sure there are no Maddie Claire's like ours.
PPS -- It's funny that I don't call the baby Lainey at all. She simply isn't a Lainey.
PPS -- Her middle name is Hope, based upon the life verse we've chosen for her.


April said...

That's sweet. I wondered how you came up with her name.

I only know one Cora so I can't help but think of a sweet old black lady when I hear the name. :-)

But the Laine on the end of it gives it a unique modern touch.

I tried to give my girls unique names and at the time of Ashlyn's birth it wasn't a common name, however now it is and Micah isn't exactly unique but it isn't used for girls very much.

Sarah W. said...

Did something specific happen on Feb 8, or were you jokingly say its scary that you remember the date? I only ask because thats my birthday, so I was wondering if it was special to you.

I happen to LOVE the name Lainey. If we have another girl, I am having a hard time convincing Brett. But we usually do have that moment of "Thats the name".

Kristen said...

I love this story! I can just picture the "click" in both of your minds!
It was so nice to meet you and your sweet precious girl today. Kelly keeps talking about "that baby" that she played with this morning. Yes... she's just a tad bit obsessive!