Monday, September 29, 2008

sleeping angels

Once again, I'm entering a contest at one of my favorite sites,
But I couldn't just pick one sleeping pic because they are both angels!

Madison is asleep in the car. During the day.
I can count on one hand how many times she's done that in her whole life!
Cora is crashed in her bed. Without swaddling -- a rare event, too.
What I love most about both pix is that these girls are crashed because they've been living their sweet little lives to the fullest!! Madison is sleeping after a road trip to see great friends, and just look at Cora's little red knees... she's been BUSY!
So the contest is to win a beautiful bedroom set -- we'd love to win the Lily Rose -- so go ahead and enter your angels, too!!
PS... I'm doing better. I'll elaborate more soon, but want to thank you for your prayer, links, emails and love. You are all the best.


April said...

That pic of Maddie zonked out in the car is too funny!

Shalee said...

Holy cow! What did you do with your free time during nap?

Posh Mama said...

I think the car pic is my favorite! How cute :)

I am playing too, check out mine if you like

Melanie said...

Ha Ha Ha, they resist and yet they cannot escape! That invisible creature, the "Tyro" will catch-up to them sooner or later!