Sunday, June 17, 2007

Summer so far...

Okay, so it’s taking me a while to get back into the swing of blogging…actually I was just learning how to get into the swing when I lost my computer. It’s a whole lot easier to think of blog topics when I’m busy doing other things… but it’s tough to make the time to post.

What have I been so busy doing? I love Addie’s and Michele’s blogs about summer – both of which hit the nail on the head – but I’ve also been busy with my favorite summertime activity: SBO.

SBO is an acronym for Summer Breakout, which is our church’s version of Vacation Bible School. We’ve had a Bible school for 9 years but this was the first year we personalized an event for the preschool / kindergarten set. We just completed our first annual SBO Junior – and what a terrific time we had! Of course it helps that my angel was part of the week. And she got to perform on stage today… twice (her favorite part, she says). That's her on the far right.

We had an awesome group of volunteers that pulled the whole thing off. Thank you to everyone for your heart and passion for our kiddos… did you know we have another event in July?! :O)

Another big happening in June was that my girl cut 10” off her hair for Locks of Love. Yes, Mommy actually made the cut! If you ask her, she’ll tell you that a “little girl who doesn’t have any hair” will get her old ponytail. She is quite the big girl with this short cut.

I've also had two of my closest friends give birth this month - one more little boy & little girl to love on! And another pair of close friends came to town from waaayyy too far away!

So you can see we've had a great start to our summer. Hope you have, too!

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Michele said...

Alrighty now... SBO Jr is over...SBO is over...heck, for that matter, SUMMER is almost over - Where are you?? ;)