Tuesday, September 4, 2007

And so it begins...

Today was the first day of school; for both Madison and me. Wow -- who would've thought I'd be teaching preschool?!

After 11 years in elementary and plenty of years in Sunday School, I know all about the honeymoon phase of a new classroom of kids. Everyone is shell-shocked to be back in the walls of a classroom after days at the pool, etc. So they're generally silent and tired and pretty well-behaved.

Today was no different, but I have to say that I think I'm gonna like this gig quite a bit! Huge hugs, adorable speech patterns, a sucker from one, a sticker from another, a hand-drawn card from yet another.... and soooooo sweet. Maybe it's been so long I'm being fooled, but I really think I am blessed with the best bunch of kids -- both in the morning and afternoon.

Oh, to update the other: one family has chosen another couple; we're still waiting to hear on the second family. You can add the little guy to your prayers as he's struggling with feeding and is losing instead of gaining weight. Thank you!!

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Michele said...

Hey D - looking for some updates my friend! Hope you are well!