Saturday, September 1, 2007

Please pray

We are currenly being "shown" to two birth families. That means that our portfolio is one of several in their hands. They will read through all of the portfolios, then each will choose a forever family for their child.

One family has a baby boy that was born last Monday. The other has a baby boy born yesterday. Both are local.

Please pray for these tiny, helpless, perfect little boys.
Please pray for the hearts of each family member as they make this excruciating decision.
Please pray that if it's God's will, one of these boys will be entrusted to our care.

Please pray.


Marie said...

I am praying, really petitioning God to answer yours and Tucker's prayers to extend your family but also asking that His will be done.

I love you all and hope that God blesses you with another baby and soon.

Peace Out

KC said...

Praying! Keep us posted.

Sarah said...

I am praying!!! Let us know what you find out!