Wednesday, February 21, 2007

my boat

Well, here I am blogging. I've watched friends & strangers blog for 2+ years, and finally decided to join 'em.

So I'll start by explaining "this boat I'm in." I'm infertile, yet I'm also Mom to Madison: a beautiful, wise, strong, passionate, vocal, loving 4-year-old. My boat is comprised of all that those two things offer on a daily basis. My hope is that I can blog about my trials and joys in this rocking boat... and maybe help someone else in a similar boat (2 Corinthians 1:4).

I've wanted to be Mom ever since my baby brother came home from the hospital when I was almost 6 years old. I remember mothering him, then going on to "mother" my friends, other family members and my students that I taught. In my mind it was all practice until I found the perfect husband and became Mom for real.

Well, I did find the perfect husband! And after we'd been married for a year, Tucker and I started trying to have kids. That was in January of 1998. By Aug 2002, we'd had umpteen "procedures," suffered one miscarriage, had 2 adoptions fall through and had spent thousands of dollars trying to be Mom & Dad. We were DONE... but God wasn't!

We got a call in early Sept of that year that we'd been selected by a birthmom who wanted to meet us. That birthmom, April, has come to be such a blessing in our lives. She selected us to parent her unborn baby girl; that same 4-year-old that I mentioned earlier! In making that one decision, April has become part of our family along with her 2 daughters, Madison's sisters.

I'm looking forward to this blogging adventure. For now, my pillow is calling!


Addie said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! I love your name, that's great! You know Tracie always says that if you can come up with a clever title then you can blog (which she says is the reason why she doesn't)!

I'm looking forward to reading more!

Anonymous said...

D- WELCOME! I love the name too. :) I look forward to hearing all that you have to say.


Marie said...

Well, well, well...welcome my sister! Cool title...I'm really proud of your first post. You did a great job, listen to me sounding like I'm talking to a child who just drew her first self portrait! Okay, sorry, let me take the mom hat off for a minute and put the friend/sister hat on. I am exicted you have joined the blog world. It really is a type of therapy. Just do it for you and it will always be great! Love you

Tim Howey said...

Welcome Daneen. I'm trying to check out all our blogs from from time to time.

Oh...and I just jumped in the water recently too.